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  • Moving & Planning Tips

    Too busy to think about what you need to do for your move? Use our helpful hints to guide you.

    Keep necessary packing materials and extras aside:-

    • Utility knife, scissors, tape;
    • Paper and plastic goods (cups, plates, knife, forks, spoons, napkins)
    • Flashlights and candles;
    • Toiletries

    Remember, we will provide all your materials at affordable prices and deliver them free of charge.

    Take important things with you (or send them certified and insured by courier):-

    • Photo albums;
    • Legal and Financial documents (estate planning documents, insurance policies, birth certificates, passports, etc.)
    • Jewelry;
    • Computer back-ups;
    • Prescriptions;
    • Address books; and special toys

    Leave behind the unimportant items:-

    • Ask yourself if you really need the item and, if you don't:
    • Have a garage sale;
    • Donate it.

    Caution: Do not pack flammable or hazardous chemicals (aerosol cans, matches, lighter fluid, gasoline and ammunition - please dispose of these items appropriately.

    Also, we apologize, but we can't take your live plants or produce with us.

    Okay, we're in the HOME stretch,

    Make sure:-

    • Fill out your change of address with the Post Office;
    • Contact all the people who need your new information;
    • Notify your financial institutions (banks, credit cards, etc.) of your move;
    • Cancel your subscriptions and deliveries;
    • Return movie rentals and/or library books

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